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What Our Chefs Love at Canton Restaurant & Tavern

lemon chicken

Honey Garlic Chicken10.20

Stripped chicken, deep fried in thin egg batter then mixed with Canton Special Honey Garlic Sauce.

Lemon Chicken – 9.55

Tender strips of chicken, dipped in egg batter, and deep fried to a golden brown, topped with lemon sauce.

Cantonese Steak – 13.99

Large pieces of beef sirloin steak marinated in Chinese spices, grilled to perfection and smothered with Chef’s Special Sauce.

Cantonese Pork – 9.99

Pineapple and green peppers with Canton Special Sauce.

Cantonese Chow Mein – 10.99

A combination of sliced chicken, shrimp, BBQ pork and mixed vegetables on top of pan fried egg noodles.

Fried Beef with Ginger & Green Onion – 10.99

Shanghai Noodles – 11.00

Thin noodles with shrimp and BBQ pork.

Seafood Delight – 16.99

Chef’s delightful dish of shrimp, scallops and crab meat sautéed with mushrooms and fresh mixed vegetables.

Chicken Soo Guy – 9.25

Boneless deep fried chicken breast in egg batter and topped with roasted crushed almonds.

tai dop voy

Tai Dop Voey – 10.55

BBQ pork, shrimp and tender chicken sautéed with fresh mixed vegetables.

Soo Chow Wonton – 8.55

Deep fried wonton mixed with chicken meat, BBQ pork, mushrooms and fresh vegetables.

Beef Steak Kew – 13.99

Succulent cubes of sirloin steak, delicately sautéed with mushrooms and mixed vegetables.

Pepper Steak – 12.99

Black pepper and green pepper

Singapore Chow Mein – 10.99

Curry rice vermicelli with BBQ pork and shrimp.

Mango Chicken – 10.20

A must try for mango lovers! Lightly battered strips of chicken sweetened with fresh mango sauce. Delicious with steamed rice.

Teriyaki Chicken – 10.99

Always a favorite among Asian food lovers. Succulent slices of chicken, crisp sweet peppers, onions and carrots stir fried in a classic Teriyaki sauce.

Shanghai Chicken– 10.99

Stew Fry Potato Slices with Beef – 9.99

Peking Fish – 10.99

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

*Served with Steamed Rice.

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